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Swimming Lessons For Intermediate In KL & Selangor


Swim For Life swimming programme is not your regular run-of-the-mill swimming lessons. It is a swimming lesson that has gone through many phases of reiterations, improvisations and upgrades to ensure that we provide the most holistic, wholesome and effective approach to swimming for our students. The following explanation general sums up our lessons and gives you a clear picture on what we aim to achieve throughout your time with us at Swim For Life.


Swim For Life

Once the student has acquired sufficient water skills and understands his/her own capabilities with the water, we proceed to add more swimming strokes to the repertoire of the student. Each of these strokes challenge the student at different aspects due to the uniqueness of the stroke. For example, freestyle is a stroke which focuses a lot on coordination compared to the breaststroke. Backstroke on the hand puts the swimmer in another more challenging aspect where the swimmer has to acquire the skill to swim on his back which trains a lot of coordination and self-confidence. Lastly, the final stroke, the butterfly stroke, one of the most astounding and challenging strokes to master. Not only does the swimmer has to be proficient but he/she will have to have sufficient strength and dexterity to master the stroke. As such, each stroke trains the student in many characteristics, from something as simple as muscle coordination to something as profound as confidence and discipline. All these will be the core focus for our coaches in the intermediate classes and their attention will be targeted towards the integration of both the mind and the body of the swimmer.

  • Freestyle
  • Backstroke
  • Butterfly
  • Intermediate Medley
  • 15

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