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Swimming Lessons For Beginners In KL & Selangor


Swim For Life swimming programme is not your regular run-of-the-mill swimming lessons. It is a swimming lesson that has gone through many phases of reiterations, improvisations and upgrades to ensure that we provide the most holistic, wholesome and effective approach to swimming for our students. The following explanation general sums up our lessons and gives you a clear picture on what we aim to achieve throughout your time with us at Swim For Life.


Swim For Life

When a student first joins us, by our experience, they usually fall into 2 main categories i.e. students who are afraid of water and are not confident around it and the students who are familiar with water and are comfortable around it. As the student tests the waters around him so are we testing him/her. We look for potential strengths in the students that can propel them throughout their learning and we also keep a sharp eye for any areas of improvement. As such, with this concept in mind, we structure the initial 1st and 2nd lesson around teaching basic water principles such as proper breath holding techniques underwater, maintaining and controlling self-buoyancy as well as trust building and water safety exercises between the coach and the student. When the student is finally ready and is sufficiently acclimatized to the water and his/her coach, we begin teaching one of the most well rounded and swimmer-friendly strokes known as the breaststroke. The breaststroke is a stroke is a beautiful art. It combines the simplicity of a very beginner-friendly stroke that focuses a lot of floatation with an added benefit of being useful in any form of swimming environment for any purpose be it having fun at the swimming pool or playing at the beach to providing regular exercise. To recap:

  • Water adjustment exercises and physics
  • Self-floatation and buoyancy
  • Breathing techniques
  • Breaststroke
  • Trust building and water safe exercises
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    Above 6 years old RM100/4 sessions + RM50 Registration fee Book Our Session Today
    Below 6 years old RM150/4 sessions + RM50 Registration fee Book Our Session Today
    Private RM100/lesson + RM50 Registration fee Book Our Session Today