Swimming Lessons For Advanced

Swimming Lessons For Advanced In KL & Selangor


Swim For Life swimming programme is not your regular run-of-the-mill swimming lessons. It is a swimming lesson that has gone through many phases of reiterations, improvisations and upgrades to ensure that we provide the most holistic, wholesome and effective approach to swimming for our students. The following explanation general sums up our lessons and gives you a clear picture on what we aim to achieve throughout your time with us at Swim For Life.


Swim For Life

Finally, our advanced classes. Our advanced classes puts everything that the swimmer has learned to the test. He/she will be considered a ‘master’ in the art of swimming and as such will be challenged to a higher level. Their physical strength and prowess will be increased, their dexterity will be enhanced and their mental strength boosted to endure the demands of the advanced class. Indeed, feedback from our students have shown that they enjoyed the advanced class the most among all our classes as it provided them various activities that challenged them sufficiently. The activities we go through in the advanced training classes are not only interesting but they’re very interactive and unique granted it can be tough. The coaches will begin strong encouragement and motivation to the swimmers on how to prepare their minds properly and how to focus on their tasks. Coaches will also educate swimmers on basic water survival techniques that could not only save the swimmer if they get stuck in a rough situation but also to assist others. Lastly, coaches also provide numerous guidance on advanced swimming techniques such as underwater swimming, diving, starts and turns. In short, the swimmer is practically swimming like an Olympic swimmer at this stage.

  • Starts + Turns
  • Dives + Underwater swimming
  • Endurance + stamina training
  • Basic emergency water survival skills and relaxation techniques
  • 15

    Years Swimming Experience


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    Above 6 years old RM100/4 sessions + RM50 Registration fee Book Our Session Today
    Below 6 years old RM150/4 sessions + RM50 Registration fee Book Our Session Today
    Private RM100/lesson + RM50 Registration fee Book Our Session Today