One on One Swimming Lessons

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One on One Swimming Lessons
Learning a new skill can be difficult sometimes especially when it comes to swimming when you’re put into a totally new environment that you’re not comfortable with. You have so many new elements to deal with such as:
1.Not being able to stand on your 2 feet
2.Having to hold your breath
3.Practicing a totally new breathing technique
4.Trying to find your balance in the water

What makes it even more challenging is that everyone learns at a different pace. At Swim For Life, we realised that these challenges that has to be faced by every new student and as such, one of our most popular and sought after swimming sessions are the one-on-one swimming lessons aka private lessons. Private lessons are remarkable. They give the student absolute flexibility and control over his/her learning progress. Coaches are totally dedicated to the student as they can focus their full attention on that one student and work on the student’s strengths, weaknesses as well as interests. As such, a student’s learning pace in a private on-to-one session is not only very focussed but also faster and even more efficient that a group session. The coach is able to understand the student’s needs faster, react to it immediately and provide excelling strategies on how to get most out of it.

In addition to that, as mentioned earlier, a student has a very good control over his own learning to a certain extent. They are able to talk to the coach more personally regarding and fears and insecurities when learning and trying our something new as well as pursue their own individual interest under the watchful care of the coach. For example, if a student needs to learn something specific for a specific purpose such as freestyle for a school swimming competition or breaststroke for an upcoming holiday vacation, it can all be addressed to the coach and done accordingly without disrupting the pace of the class unlike group sessions where you’re bounded to the group’s pace and agenda. Such talents and involvements are good regardless whether it is for recreational purposes or for applying for scholarships. If the class is too slow or too fast, the student has the additional benefit of changing it! Such are the many benefits of the private one-on-one swimming lessons that Swim For Life offers. Let us not forget that the programme and lessons are tailor made for the student and there are less distractions overall. Private lessons are definitely recommended not only for very ambitious and focussed students who want the most out of their learning but also for soft, shy and fearful students who require a lot of tender love, care and attention. Lastly, safety is definitely another key feature of one-to-one lessons as a student is provided with the coach’s full time attention and focus. Even parents themselves are welcomed to witness and even join and interact with the student if they so choose.

Benefits and Advantages:

  • Offers the student flexibility and control over his/her learning progress, pace and syllabus
  • Full attention dedicated to the student and less distractions
  • Sessions are tailor-made to the student’s needs and revolves around the student’s strength, weaknesses and personal interests
  • The student has an outlet to express personal fears, motivations and interests which will be heeded by the coach
  • Learning syllabus can be moulded to the specific purpose of the student
  • Faster learning curve compared to regular group sessions
  • Added security due to under constant vigilance of the coach
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