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Swim For Life swimming programme is not you regular run-of-the-mill swimming lessons. It is a programme that has gone through many phases of reiterations, improvisations and upgrades to ensure that we provide the most holistic, wholesome and effective approach to swimming for our students. The following explanation general sums up our programme and gives you a clear picture on what we aim to achieve throughout your time with us at Swim For Life:


Wilson Wong

Founder Of Swim For Life

Wilson Wong, has been swimming for the past 15 years of his life and has had more than 3 years of coaching experience. In addition to this, he has a treasure trove of experience when it comes to dealing with children. He has previously taught students in a variety of settings i.e. from public pools to private pools to even private schools such as Tenby International School. Besides that, nothing is too much of a challenge to him. He has taught kids from as young as 2 to young adults as old as 25. To add a little further, he is also experienced in teaching hyperactive and attention deficit children. He started learning his swimming skills from a recognized organization known as Subang Jaya Community Swimming Club (SJCSC) under a previous state competitive swimmer and diver and has taken part in numerous swimming competitions to prove his mettle. He is also a certified lifeguard, lifeguard trainer and scuba diver. Outside of this, he is a medical doctor by profession who has a passion for children, development, human psychology and learning mechanics. He thoroughly enjoys spending time with children, in his spare time, he not only coaches swimming, he also coaches public speaking as well.


Years Swimming Experience


Years Coaching Experince

Offer Price
Above 6 years old RM100/4 sessions + RM50 Registration fee Book Our Session Today
Below 6 years old RM150/4 sessions + RM50 Registration fee Book Our Session Today
Private RM100/lesson + RM50 Registration fee Book Our Session Today