Group Swimming Lessons

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Group Swimming Lessons
A group swimming lesson is a session whereby a student will be merged in a class with a few other students to learn their swimming skills under a coach. Such an arrangement develops a lot of strong confidence in a student as he/she is put in an environment with a new people. This is one of the strong points of being involved in our group swimming lessons for 3 different stages, Beginners stage, Intermediate stage and Advance stage. What has initially been a drawback will turn into a strong skill for the students in the future. This is very helpful to overcome shyness and helps a student to feel more encouraged, less inhibited and more ‘alive’ as they put it.

At Swim For Life, we encourage students to interact with each other and to help one another to improve and grow together as long as it is kept in a controlled manner that does not distract them from their individual progress. After all, as the saying goes, ‘two heads are better than one’. As such, if a student faces difficulty learning a particular skill or overcoming a hurdle, being it about swimming or other aspects of their life, they have an outlet to discuss their problems with their peers and to solve it. Moreover, due to this, students are able to make very good friends throughout their time together and in a lot of cases, we have even seen parents being friends and making a connection as they watching their kids grow.

In addition to that, at Swim For Life, one of our features is that we only allow a maximum of 5 students per session and each session lasts for a minimum of an hour or slightly more depending on the agenda of the coach. This is for quality control purposes to ensure the student gets optimum attention alongside making a good long lasting quality relationship with his/her swimming peers. Besides that, group swimming lessons have a very strong motivation charisma as it encourages healthy competition among the students. Studies have shown that when kids are taught in a group environment, it helps them to develop their own self-identity and leadership skills. Humans are very social creatures and being involved in a group environment highly motivated them and challenges them to keep up or outdo their peers and this encourages them to learn about competition in a very healthy environment which can further translate into their studies or work in the future. There is a reason why world leaders, athletes and successful entrepreneurs choose to put a lot of effort into sports and their health, for example, Sir Richard Brandson , Robert Kiyosaki and even Obama. They chose to live by the principle of managing their health as well as wealth hand in hand. Besides that, for safety measures, we guarantee absolute civility and peace among our students whereby acts of violence will not be tolerated and if such an act is found during the lesson, the respective student will be guided and given attention by our well-trained coaches. If we find a student is not comfortable or suited for a particular group, we will shift a student to another group more suited for his needs as students will have their preference of friend as well. Swim For Life has always been about choice and comfort. Lastly, coaches will also interact with parents to involve parents in the growth and development of their child throughout the learning process.

Benefits and Advantages:

  • Students learn swimming skills in a well-controlled group environment which encourages healthy competition which transitions well into study and working life skills.
  • Students learn to improve social skills and have a healthy social development in addition to the swimming skills taught.
  • Tolerance, teamwork and cooperation in a disciplined swimming environment under watchful eyes of a professional and well trained coach.
  • Make new friends and form connections.
  • Not more than 5 students guaranteed
  • No less than an hour per session to ensure students don’t get fatigued or overwhelmed
  • More cost effective than private classes.
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