What You Will Get & Feel When Swimming With Us.

Swim For Life

Swim For Life
Swim For Lifeis a private organization dedicated to the fusion of the passion for the swimming sport with life values such as health, confidence, and discipline. At Swim For Life, we believe each individual is unique and we do not only teach swimming skills but we also tailor-make our teaching routines based on the needs, ability, and psychology of each individual swimmer. We believe that a new era of teaching is needed for this new revolutionary generation whereby swimming and life skills should come hand in hand with the growth and comfort of the students.

Our approach to swimming is simple. First, we show the wonders and joys that is swimming by going through basics and that there is nothing to fear when it comes to the water. Then, we proceed to incorporate advanced swimming elements such as the different swimming strokes to provide an interactive time where swimmers pick up new skills and begin practicing a healthier and more active lifestyle. Lastly, we equip them with life skills throughout our teachings that focus on confidence, discipline, and willpower. All this is done in a comfortable, personalized and attentive environment dedicated to the needs of the student.

Vision & Mission: To create a new generation of swimmers that are not just proficient in swimming but also good at excelling in life be it studies, work or family.