Why One On One Swimming Session Better?

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April 15, 2017
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Why One On One Swimming Session Better?

Hiring a private swim coach is something that can hugely benefit you or your family members when you have strong intention to learn. But the advantages aren’t made obvious as the when we hear about “Private Coaching” we think it as exclusively only for professionals. Private swim coaching is actually available for all age groups and the benefits are shown by studies that accurately show one on one sessions accelerating up to twice the average group learning speed.  

So how do you tell if you need a private swim coach?

The first environment you choose to learn swimming is going to influence your future ability to learn skills, easier or harder. For children, one-to-one swimming ensures the progress of your child in learning to swim to be much faster. With customized teaching routines based on each individual’s needs, a strong foundation for swimming and interest can be built fast and effectively in children. For adult beginners, it can be hard to learn a new skill from scratch, so in order to see the best results in the shortest time, one on one swimming sessions are the ideal.


If you are a self-taught swimmer and wants to polish and correct your technique for a perfect free stroke, a private swim coach can be your answer.


Specialized training focuses on offering private swim sessions for swimmers who want to train for a certain competition with advance technique to be coached such as triathlon. The private swim lessons will have an additional element for students to also have fitness in the water as a focused training.

How can private tutor benefit my learning experience?

We acknowledge that not everyone learns at their own pace, which is why by initiating your learning experience with a one-to-one swimming lesson, there will be a long-term benefit for children and adults of all ages and abilities.  

Besides, one on one attention from experienced swimmers will ensure the learner’s sessions to be customized according to personal needs and goals. When a new learner has his/her performance tracked, they are able to see the progression in learning at a comfortable pace. For a long run, it builds a child or a learning adult’s confidence.

One-to-one coaching benefits you to have a more flexibility in scheduling lessons at preferred time and locations if you cannot commit to regular weekly lessons. An addition benefit is that your private swim coach will travel to your preferred location for lessons at times that are convenient for you.  

It’s time to start investing quality experience for you and your loved ones.

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