8 Benefits of Swimming to Make You Fall in Love with Life

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April 15, 2017

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8 Benefits of Swimming to Make You Fall in Love with Life


“Swimming is a sport just for swimmers”. “I don’t have to learn how to swim since I never go near open waters”. “I never learned how to swim when I was a kid, too late to learn now la”. If you can relate to any of these, you are definitely at the right place, why? Because we are going to show you 8 benefits of swimming that can make you love your current life even more.

First, swimming is a social activity for the whole family. Babies are able to improve coordination and develop muscle while bonding with parents. Energetic toddlers get to have fun in the waters and still gain a new skill. Even the elderly with weaker joints get to improve muscle strength with the help of the buoyancy in water. Have fun bonding with the whole family over a casual weekend.

Secondly, swim for your own health and well-being. Just by taking out a 45-minutes break daily, out of your busy schedule, three times a week to focus on your health is the most optimum. Disciplined swimming and a healthy diet is the way to maintain a positive physical and mental well-being.

Swimming gives you a full body workout. Swimming builds up all the muscle in your body from the core to arms, legs, glutes and back. The benefit of swimming compared to jogging is that your muscles will be strengthened and toned but it does not strain them as much as jogging does.

Swimming just helps you unwind yourself and relax after a long day at the office. Swimming has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety levels, leaving you in a better mood and better sleep at night.

The fifth benefit of swimming is that it supports the body. With water supporting the majority of our weight, swimming is the ideal for anyone who suffers from an injury at the joints but is still keen to stay fit and active!


For those of us who aren’t a fan of exercising because of the sweaty after effects, swimming involves none of that. Get your fitness goals achieved while feeling refreshed and cut down on laundry with just swim suit to wash and dry.

Seventh benefits of swimming, is either snorkeling or diving part of your bucket list of things-to-do? Just by learning how to swim, you’ll get to enjoy seeing the beautify life under the sea. Just by learning to swim, you can now enjoy beautiful holiday destinations by the ocean or lake without a worry.

Eighth and last legit benefit of swimming is: Malaysia is just too damn hot sometimes la. There’s always the time of the year when indoor air-con no longer satisfies our need. So how can we beat the heat? Swimming pool! And in order for a full grown adult man to look macho by the pool, aside from the body hair, tanned skin and the muscles, is to know how to swim.

So fall in love with life! Start swimming!

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